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Graphics tutorial #01: Pencil Shading

Start with a little, only 8x12 mm, rectangle. It is enough to show most of the pencil shading techniques, and not too large to slow down your work. With such tiny paper areas you need 0.5mm mechanical pencil. I used simple Pentel Sharp P205 (a pencil of a good basic slim shape) with randomly selected leads. I don't like these though - they gave a dull pressure character and blunt working edge in a few movements. But we studying pencil shading tips now - not pencil selection tips. So for this task it is enough. By the way, you can help a little while using too soft and cheap lead by constantly sharpening it against a paper. The same way as with a knife of not hard enough steel.

pencil graphics tutorial: vertical (parallel) shading

Vertical (parallel) pencil shading.

pencil graphics tutorial: horizontal (perpendicular) shading

Horizontal (perpendicular) pencil shading.

pencil graphics tutorial: diagonal shading

Tapered diagonal pencil shading. Raise your pencil lead's drawing edge to the end of the line.

pencil graphics tutorial: soft cross-hatch shading

Soft cross-hatch shading. Common solution. Fast, simple, rough enough, giving good texture, well controlled chiaroscuro. All you need is to change direction of each pass a little. You can see steps for it below.

shading steps shading steps shading steps shading steps shading steps

pencil graphics tutorial: lazy soft curly shading

Lazy soft curly shading. You can allow yourself not to raise pencil tip.

pencil graphics tutorial: sandy shading, stippling

Sandy shading, stippling. Put dots with various stress. Try to start with soft-stressed dots to define common pattern and then continue to darken shades with hard-stressed dots.

pencil graphics tutorial: curly,	woodcurving shading

Curly, woodcarving shading.

pencil graphics tutorial: even vertical shading with lead side

Now work with lead side instead of tip. Even vertical (parallel) shading. This is obviously smoother shading technique than usual one. You can see, how it enhance the texture of the paper itself.

pencil graphics tutorial: irregular vertical shading with lead side

The same shading technique, but with a shorter, abrupt strokes. More irregular.

pencil graphics tutorial: shading with lead side towards stippling

Even more abrupt strokes. Still side of the lead but towards stippling technique.

pencil graphics tutorial: careless sharp shading

Careless shading using sharp but still soft working edge. If you choose hard leads you can acheive this manner with more ease.

pencil graphics tutorial: careless cross-hatch sharp shading

Careless cross-hatch sharp shading.

pencil graphics tutorial: rectilinear sharp shading

Rectilinear sharp shading.

pencil graphics tutorial: sharp shading with discontinuous lines

Sharp shading with discontinuous lines.

pencil graphics tutorial: sharp grassy pencil-shading

Sharp grassy / hairy / shading / dented shading.

pencil graphics tutorial: subtle smoky shading

Subtle smoky / wooly shading.

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